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    Ponyshock: "Knight" Squad

    Ashen Coat
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    Level 5

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    Re: Ponyshock: "Knight" Squad

    Post by Ashen Coat on Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:04 pm

    Ashen simply continued to passively stare at Trails as he said his spiel, and if he was a different pony, he’d probably sigh, or facehoof, or some combination of the two. He was not however, so, keeping the rifle pointed at the buck, he merely retorted “I believe you’re overestimating your face’s ability to deflect energy blasts. And you would not be shooting me, as you are currently disarmed, and I intend to keep it that way.” To emphasize his point, he floated Trail’s rifle over and holstered it in the holster he usually kept his own weapon, it fitted nicely.

    “As for ‘saving our asses’, you have yet to do much of that. I have not seen you make any tactical decisions that would have spelled our doom if otherwise not performed, besides the barricade in the last fight, and most likely we would of survived without that regardless. As well, the only reason that rapidly constructing those fortifications was not a waste of time was because of the ambush that was quickly sprung, otherwise you were building defenses for a single target. I would hope you wouldn’t plan on doing that for every hostile, but that is no longer an issue. You are no longer in charge of this team.” he finished, his tone not condescending or insulting in the slightest, it actually lacked much in the way of infliction or emotion, as was common for him.

    He turned to see Lightning return with Winter, nodding at the two as he listened to Winter’s instructions. Being right next to Shutter he helped the earth pony lay down with his magic, before applying pressure to the wound with his hoof. He would of prefered to use a cloth, but he had none on him, and he doubted that anything on the ground nearby could even be considered sanitary. His hoof would do just fine for now. All the while he kept an eye on Trails, although it was hard to tell through his eye-obscuring goggles. The rifle’s continued pointing at Trails was a good indicator though.

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    Level 8
    Level 8

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    Re: Ponyshock: "Knight" Squad

    Post by Shutter on Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:50 pm

    Shutter gritted his teeth as Ashen helped him out, pushing him to the ground and putting pressure on the wound with his hurt like a bitch, but he had to deal with it...He needed to get better, so he could stop Photo Finish, and save Starry and the others. He knew they had to be alive somewhere...

    "...Oh Goddesses...this...this has all gone to shit real quick..."

    He muttered, the swear feeling strangely more natural...he briefly chuckled at the fact that he would have never even considered using such language in the Stable, a small personal joke that helped him ignore the pain for a split-second, before it reminded Shutter that it still existed quite forcibly...


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    Winter Bell
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    Level 8

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    Re: Ponyshock: "Knight" Squad

    Post by Winter Bell on Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:49 pm

    Winter looked to Ale and nodded, "Take this" she said as she levitated a potion towards the buck. "I need you to lay on your side behind Petal's head and, well, if you don't mind, use yourself as a pillow to prop her head up" she said before adding, "When I say, start feeding her that potion, slowly and make sure she takes a little bit at a time." she said before she waited for others to join her around Petal.

    Petals words were ignored as Winter worked on the issue. She had heard it all before from past patients in the hospital and in the clinic back in Friendship City. Over the course of her time she had received everything from comments to actually being groped. So it didn't effect her much when Petal was making comments.

    Winter pulled a cloth out of hr saddlebag before placing it on the floor, laying some tools onto it. She took a needle of Med X as well as purified water and some needle and thread. Placing them all in a neat line before she looked to the other with a sigh. "On three I need you to pull the strut out completely. Ale as soon as the strut leaves the leg start feeding her the potion. Are we all ready ?" she asked in a serious tone.
    Ginger Ale
    Level 7
    Level 7

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    Re: Ponyshock: "Knight" Squad

    Post by Ginger Ale on Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:34 pm

    Ale enveloped the potion in field of magic and moved behind petal. Laying down he let out a sigh, he coulden't help but feel like this was all his fault, he felt that his trigger happy behavior before is what brought all those splicers down on the group. Sure the others shot too, but ale shot first, he initialized the engagment. These thoughts left ale's mind as soon as petal laid her head agenst his side, looking down at the mare another thought came to ale's mind. "I may have caused this, but luna fuck me with the moon if i'm not going to make it right." Looking up into the rafters over head, ale watched as the shadows shifted. " I'm going to find this photo bitch and i'm going to to shove that metal rod into her spine and hang her up like a painting."

    Ale's ears percked up when he heard winter talking to him. Coming back to earth he noted that she had her tools layed out and was waiting for him. "Yeah i'm ready." he said as he levitated the potion closer to petal.

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    Lightning Flash
    Level 11
    Level 11

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    Re: Ponyshock: "Knight" Squad

    Post by Lightning Flash on Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:43 pm

    Lightning watched as Winter immediately began her work and Shutter laying down with Ashen putting pressure on his wound. He took another glance around the room as he still didn't trust this Photo pony and since they haven't had the time to clear the room, the enemy could still be around watching them. Waiting for the perfect time to strike.

    The pegasus tried to clear the feeling out of his mind as he put away his SMG and walked over to Winter, looking over at what she was doing. He frowned as he knew that this part of the operation was the most critical. Lightning wouldn't do much good there but he hung around anyways, just simply answering, "Yes."
    Happy Trails
    Level 12
    Level 12

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    Re: Ponyshock: "Knight" Squad

    Post by Happy Trails on Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:21 am

    Trails heard Bell's call and sauntered over to her, ignoring the gun pointed at him. Ashen could shoot if he wanted to, Trails honestly didn't care. He found that he was tired of this place, the entire thing had worn on him. The cramped conditions had been in the back of his mind, the countdown clock always going. He grabbed the strut and waited for Bell's order, when she gave it he would pull on it.

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    Re: Ponyshock: "Knight" Squad

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