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    Did you know facts!

    Sound Wave
    Sound Wave
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    Level 5

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    Did you know facts!

    Post by Sound Wave on Mon Aug 06, 2012 6:37 am

    Just a little sumthin' to expose your character's deepest secrets and give little tidbits about themselves! :D

    Did you know?:
    That Sound Wave is into 'kinky' stuff?
    - likes Spicy food?
    - has a collection of scrap metal that resembles Famous Equestrian Figures?
    - can play the Guitar, Violin and Piano?
    - can play the Saxophone and Trumpet?
    - has an Alter Ego named 'Leather Collar'?
    - has a much darker, more sadistic side that heavily contrasts his happy-go-lucky and (most of the time) immature personality
    - is a flirt. But keeps most of his flirtings in his head.
    - is an Affectionate Pony and doesn't hesitate to offer hugs, much to the chagrin of some who DO NOT like affection or being touched.

    (more to come soon!)

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    Shooting Spectrum
    Shooting Spectrum
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    Level 5

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Shooting Spectrum on Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:40 am

    Shooting Spectrum is a Germaphob
    Shooting Spectrum is very superstitious
    She hates saying no to people
    She loves the taste of bitter thins, especially burnt marshmallows
    Shooting Spectrum talk to the elders from Vault 113 (to the clouds) when alone
    Her Tails is a unruly mess of tail if left un-done.
    Shooting Spectrum also collects feathers from other Pegasus and griffons
    Shooting Spectrum can use her tail like a paint brush with extreme control and expert skills
    She has an older brother named 'Omega Shimmer'
    Level 14
    Level 14

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Sky on Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:23 pm

    Did you know?
    Sky....dont you all know me already?
    Sky is an alcoholic as said by many ponies.
    Sky doesn't discriminate any pony, no matter who they are.
    Sky tries anything once, or alot of times.
    Sky is a kinky pony.
    Sky can play the guitar.
    Sky loves to nap on anything, no matter where or what she naps on.
    Sky carries a bottle of wild pegasus everywhere she goes, but forgets to drink it.
    Sky doesn't have a care for most life in the waste cept for her friends.
    Scrap Parts
    Scrap Parts
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    Level 12

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Scrap Parts on Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:29 pm

    Scraps was intended to have a spoon collection.
    Built his first robot at age 5.
    Prefers Luna over Celestia
    Has a smaller build then most ponies, mare or stallion.
    Seems to always get a gear stuck on his horn whenever he works on machinery.
    Blew up his first energy weapon.

    (More will be added later if I can think of any.)
    Galactic Dash
    Galactic Dash
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    Level 10

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Galactic Dash on Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:02 am

    -Dash has a recurring dream where he's Twilight Sparkle in an alternate universe.
    -Dash is eternally frustrated that he can never be an astronaut.
    -Dash has broken all four of his legs and both his wings at least once in his lifetime as a result of rambunctious behavior.
    -Dash is hopelessly addicted to coffee.
    -Dash is a wuss when it comes to doing manual labor.
    -Dash planned to steal his father's Sniper Rifle when he started out, but the gun doesn't fire.
    -Dash can actually sing pretty well.
    -Dash is homophobic to a degree, he doesn't like being around them, but won't berate them.
    -Dash once tried to carry Leafrun above the Cloud Layer, his father saved them.
    -Dash believes that Friendship City represents a future that everypony should be working toward.
    -Dash and his father share a similar sense of humor.
    -Dash respects and worships Celestia and Luna equally.
    -Dash managed to overcome hatred of zebras.
    -Dash's mother's foal nickname for Dash was, and sometimes still is, 'Mittens'.
    -Dash's prized possession is a pre-war teddy bear named Theodore.
    -Dash is going to be a father sooner than he realizes.
    -When scared or upset, Dash sometimes makes Fluttershy noises.

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    Level 18
    Level 18

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Kestrel on Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:35 am

    Did you know..

    -Kestrel's original name was Tihar

    -Kes is supposed to find spirituality/religion soon, and this will reflect on his actions and personality in thread.

    -Kestrel despite what some think, actually has very low self esteem. He sees himself as a tool to be used, worthless, and without purpose unless hired onto a job.

    -Kestrel actually doesn't enjoy killing, hence why he is brutal and efficient. So as to minimize the suffering of those he kills.

    -Kestrel is fluent in multiple languages, including Germane and Neighponese but only tends to speak three. Eqquish, and both High (Natural) and Low (Ruski) Gryph.

    -Kestrel is incredibly close to, and reliant upon, his Father; Tihon. His father's health is failing however and chances are he will die soon. Where this leaves Kes, is unknown.

    -Kestrel actually made the mask he wears, and considers it his prized possession. Its purpose is unknown, and its story is one not often told. But rest assured, it is a sad one.

    -Kestrel was never intended to be as popular as he seems to be.

    -Kestrel can actually play the drums, and wood flute.

    -Kestrel secretly enjoys dancing and tai chi, but usually engages in other forms of physical conditioning such as push-ups, pull-ups, and long-distance runs.

    -Kestrel despite his reputation as an unkillable badass, has nearly died multiple times both onsite and in the past.

    -Kestrel once lost his wings once during a temporal shift, when a death claw nearly cut him in half; the pain was immense and Kestrel nearly died, but thanks to the skill of two wasteland doctors Kestrel was able to survive, have them reattached, and keep going. The bones of his wings often ache during extreme cold or pressure changes as well, acting up despite having healed already.

    The muscles however have never healed properly.

    -Kestrel is covered in scars and acquires new ones rather frequently, yet despite the ability to have them removed, Kestrel always refuses to let doctors heal his scars when he is forced to find one.

    -Kestrel actually bathes and preens himself regularly, making him one of the more hygienic wanderers in the waste.

    -Kestrel despite being a mercenary, does not like taking caps as payment for his services. He would rather be paid in ammo, water, weapon modifications, or food; things he actually can use.

    -Kestrel is a lover of tea. A chance to enjoy the drink is rarely turned down, unless he is in new company and doesn't trust anyone around him.

    -Kestrel likes both 'kinky' and 'vanilla' play in the bedroom. Though there are a few 'quirks' that he calls his favorite. Very few know what they are however.

    -Kestrel prefers to satisfy his partner first, then himself when it comes to matters of intimacy.

    -Kestrel while normally adverse to physical contact, actually has a rather large chain of current contacts and has had a few flings before. He has not however, had a truly intimate connection with anyone else.

    -Kestrel has no true home. Right now he is camped in a small campsite outside of Stableton, but he often roams; sometimes to do work, other times just to move.

    -Has survived Fillydelphia a total of three times. Once during his original imprisonment, again when he went to save his father, and again to go and save the mare Winter Bell.

    Last edited by Kestrel on Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:13 am; edited 7 times in total

    Caps: 5100

    HP: 373
    DT: 30
    AP: 42
    DC: 21
    Botch 7
    Crit: 97
    S:8 P:8 E:7 C:2 I:8 A:7 L:4

    Rn: 106
    Cl: 100
    Exp: 69
    Pa: 57

    Lightning Talons
    HIT: 43 DAM: 56 AP: 8 CRIT: x2.5 SPEC: -15 DT, 5 shock damage for 5 turns.

    HC: 43 DAM: 78 AP: 8 CRIT: x2.5 SPEC: -15 DT, -5 AP on crit

    HC: 60 DAM: 85 AP: 16 CAP: 8 CRIT: x3 SPEC: -15 DT

    Casull Revolver
    HC: 60 DAM: 53 AP: 13 CRIT: x2.5 CAP: 5

    Luna Sight: +5 to hit when dark/night.
    Ghost: x2 Sneak bonus at night.
    Stonewall: Can't be knocked down in combat.
    Luna Blessed: +2 INT/PER when dark/night
    Starry Night
    Starry Night
    Level 11
    Level 11

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Starry Night on Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:23 am

    - Although a highly emotionally charged pony, Starry bases all her important decisions on sound logic.
    - Starry is a militant atheist, literally.
    - Starry died once, but got better.
    - Starry will sacrifice almost anything to help others.
    - Starry is into kinky things, but never ever shares it.
    - Starry has a beautiful singing voice
    - Starry is very trusting (for better or for worse)
    - Starry always relies on her friends, and is afraid of being alone.
    - Starry will call anypony her friend, unless they're a raider, slaver, prophet, or 'villain'.
    - Starry is a Sword Mare, and despite hints to the contrary, she actually understands exactly what that means.

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    HP: 313
    DT: 4
    AP: 45
    RM: 7
    Crit Threshold: 97
    Botch Threshold: 7
    Dodge: 30
    S 4 – P 3 – E 7 – C 7 – I 9 – A 10 – L 4

    Ranged: 64.5
    Close: 98
    Explosive: 57.5
    Passive: 50

    Broadsword – Hit: 48 – Damage: 44 – Crit: ×2.5 – AP: 8
    9mm pistol – Hit: 14.5 – Damage: 16 – Crit: ×2 – AP: 5 – Cap: 13
    Knife – Hit: 48 – Damage: 22 – Crit: ×2 – AP: 4
    Unarmed – Hit: 11.5 – Damage: 4 – Crit: ×2 – AP: 6


    Combat Coordinator: Members of your party who roll a lower Readiness than you may act on your Readiness instead.

    Horn's Akimbo: Dual-wielding penalty is reduced by 10

    Leader: Party members within moving distance get +1 agility(up to racial max) and +2 DT.
    Jasmine Beat
    Jasmine Beat
    Level 7
    Level 7

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Jasmine Beat on Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:56 am

    Did you know that Jasmine...

    -Has a phobia of foals?
    -Is overly empathetic, imaginative, hyperactive and friendly?!
    -Has physics as her special talent, despite being derped?
    -Plans on becoming a "Thuper Hero"? (Did I mention she has a lisp?)
    -Is Starry's sister (they do share some similarities...)
    Is a passionate feminist?
    -Plays piano, banjo, guitar, cello and dances in her spare time?
    -Practices chemistry to go to sleep?
    -Is nearsighted (doesn't stop her from flying?)
    -Refuses to wear glasses, fearing looking "dorky"
    -Will do anything to help a pony in need!
    -Can be quite clueless at times...
    -Welcomes a challenge, and refuses to give up despite having the lower hoof...

    Level 6
    Level 6

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Sharpaw on Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:47 am

    Did you know that Sparkfire...

    - Loves to get belly rubs?
    - Is fiercely loyal to his friends?
    - Acts like a big puppy dog and likes to lick ponies?
    - Is trying to retire with a small hoard?
    - Has an honor code regarding his hoarding?
    - Usually ignores things that are "claimed"?
    - Will only take things that are given, Willingly to him?
    - After several brief encounter with Kestrel, he is no longer terrified of the griffon, merely respectful?

    More to come later.
    Level 4
    Level 4

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Whitefeather on Tue Sep 25, 2012 5:25 am

    - Was originally going to be a male named Hangnail.
    - Hates small talk (actions speak louder than words)
    - Believes first impressions say everything about a person, thus the reason to her own posh appearance
    - Hates technology. even preferring her talons to bobby pins
    - Loves children to death, and would open up a orphanage/kindergarten in a heartbeat if not for having to deal with parents.
    - Knows how to play the harp quite well.
    - Loves to watch others gamble
    - Believes that the wastes can never change and it will always remain at war.
    - Will never accept a job/preform a task that would hurt 'innocents'
    - Thus why she prefers to take those that take back from the theifs and has no remorse for stealing from them.
    - Prefers to get paid in what the person can afford rather than what the job entitles.
    - Was born with Nuropathy, aka lack of the sense of touch. It be pain of a wound, the heat of the day or the nuzzle of a loved one, she cannot feel.
    - This is both a benefit and a curse, getting her sick many times due to heat stroke or catching colds/pneumonia. But she has one of the wastes greatest poker faces.
    - Has her liver trained quite well, it being quite the expense to get her tipsy.
    - Is quite picky about whom catches her eye, being quite vain herself.
    - Actually loves laughing
    - Hopes she can learn to trust others as to open up an orphanage one day

    =========== EDIT : 10/31/12 ================

    - Responds well to childish demeanor in older ponies
    - Deus Crux is like a child to her

    =will add as more arise=

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    Reflected Failure
    Reflected Failure
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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Reflected Failure on Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:25 am

    Did you know?
    -Reflected has a small fear of the opposite gender.
    -Was originally going to be a Female Flightless Changeling.
    -Cannot operate without at least two other people on her team.
    -Suffers from depression
    -Is Dyslexic, OCD, ADD
    -Has a small 'vocal synthesiser' in her throat, so at any point she can split her voice or sing like singing in autotune.
    -Is scared of Diamond Dogs
    -Want to be something better
    -Is really good at singing and doesn't know it.
    -Doesn't like sex and is scared of 'Kinky stuff'
    -Can sing but doesn't believe so
    -Has no family
    -I afraid of knives
    -Doesn't have a favorite food

    -There will be moar.-

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    Happy Trails
    Happy Trails
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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Happy Trails on Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:12 am

    -Was originally a grizzled ex-kahn named Hearth Fire
    -Trails is a master linguist, able to pick up almost any language with a few weeks exposure.
    -Only smokes Lucky Strike cigarettes
    -Finds DJ Pon-3 irritating, so much so he refuses to let anyone play the radio on caravan runs
    -Can play the cello, guitar, and tuba.
    -Has his own microbrew beer
    -Hates the idea of wearing a pipbuck
    -Sings when drunk
    -Sobs and/or hits on anything that moves when very drunk
    -Hates being called by his first name, but let's it slide when Zesty does, considering it a pet name.

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    Level 4

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Ciera on Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:10 am

    -Originally was a Talon Mercenary
    -Original name was "Ciara" wich was changed to fit Griffon
    -One of the probable mothers- Stern
    -Can drink 3 bottles of vodka and fight after that
    -Still has her damaged eye in her right eye socket
    -Likes zebras more than ponies
    -Was a griffon raider for 4 years
    -Was working for vodka instead of caps when she was a hired merc
    -Hates word "Pirate"
    -Hates pirates.
    -Collects useless but shiny things (like coins or metal pieces)
    -Was the reason of the vodka shortage for 4 weeks in New Appleoosa
    -Hates wine, but still drinks it if she runs out of vodka
    -Had written a story for 5 pages with 73 mistakes in it
    -Can sing in her native language (Griff) very well, but hates to do it
    Rookie Star
    Rookie Star
    Level 5
    Level 5

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Rookie Star on Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:04 pm

    Did you know Rookie...

    -Often attempts to befriend others when he has the chance
    -Is the strong one of the two twins
    -Plays music even in battle
    -Has a love for music, classic and jazz alike, but hates pop?
    -Is the successor to Blazen Shields?
    -Hides his true emotions
    -Feels like himself around other mares
    -Loves cheese?
    -Loves Salisberry Steak?
    -More then once has put himself to take the pain that should have been given to innocents?
    -Kills Slavers when he has the chance and kills Raiders on sight?
    Level 7
    Level 7

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Atriark on Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:14 am

    Did you know that Atriark...
    -Will hit on anypony when drunk? (It's true, ask Cross)
    -Is in love with a gryphoness named Kira?
    -Is morbidly terrified of bees?
    -Is a runt?
    -Does not like to be called short?
    -Is usually on the front lines even if he's the party's medic?
    -Dislikes Stableton? It reminds him of what he lost.
    -Was born in Stable 113?
    -Always has a bottle or Scotch on him?
    -Always wanted a sibling?
    -Likes to collect trinkets of the past, especially if they involve families?
    -Is an orphan and has no remaining living relatives?
    -Suffered from Critical Radiation Poisoning?
    -Wishes his medical training was on par with Winter Bell's?
    -Is uneasy around unicorns? Especially unicorn stallions.
    -Easily blames himself and carries a lot of guilt?
    -Doesn't like being called cute?
    -Has a mutation in which his coat grows faster than normal, usually rendering him a fluffy mass in a few short days?

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    Level 6
    Level 6

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Aquilinus on Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:34 am

    Did you know about Aquilinus...

    -was originally going to be an explosives expert named Ziggs?
    -is always eager to meet new ponies?
    -is constantly in a state of turmoil from not knowing who -he is?
    -made it through the death robot city Avalon on pure luck?
    -has a pet hawk that he found in the wastes?

    ~more to come~

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    Winter Bell
    Winter Bell
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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Winter Bell on Wed Sep 26, 2012 3:45 pm

    Did you know that Winter Bell...

    - Adores white wine, but stays away from it due to it making her loopy.

    - Will always do her best to make sure everyone is safe, even at the cost of her own life.

    - Believes there is still hope for the wasteland and that it takes one pony to extend a hoof of kindness before the world can start to heal.

    - Has a full Medical Theater in her home in Friendship City.

    - Has an older sister.

    - Has very sensitive ears that will paralyze her and relax her completely if nibbled or stroked.

    - Is terrified of slavers and will do whatever she can to avoid them.

    - Knows just about all there is to know about Medicine.

    - Thinks romantic gestures are more attractive then a show of physical strength.

    - Likes flowers and pretty things.

    - Owns allot of dresses and knows a fair bit about fashion, although she normally hides that side of herself in fear of being judged as, 'snooty'.

    - Loves the color blue.

    - Has a morning work out routine to keep her in shape.

    - Can sing very well.

    - Can not fight very well at all, or shoot a gun very well.

    - Isn't a very good swimmer.

    - Doesn't like bad manners or rude behavior.

    I'll end it here for now.


    HP: 235
    DT: 25
    AP: 34
    RM: 9Male/5Female
    Crit Threshold: 96+
    Botch Threshold: 6-
    Dodge: +18
    S 5 – P 5 – E 5 – C 7 – I 9 – A 6 – L 5

    Ranged: 58
    Close: 56
    Explosive: 56
    Passive: 46

    Single Shotgun(20G) – Hit: +12 – Damage: 50 – Crit:x1 – AP: 15 – Cap: 1
    .45 Automatic Pistol(.45) - Hit: +12 - Damage: 29 - Crit:x2 - AP: 8 - Cap: 7

    Like a Bullet: +3 to Readiness rolls.
    Field Medic: Half AP cost for applying bandages.
    Combat Medic: +5 to your Defense when healing a fallen comrade during combat.

    Caps: 5228
    Lightning Flash
    Lightning Flash
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    Level 11

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Lightning Flash on Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:07 pm

    Did you know Lightning...

    -Reads a lot of books in his free time.
    -Enjoys spending time to think but hates being alone.
    -Likes to slow down once in a while and enjoys the little things in life.
    -Hates insects and other large or small crawling bugs.
    -Doesn't drink alcohol at all.
    -Lacks any musical talent but wishes that he could sing.
    -Owns Thunderlane's pre-war flight goggles.
    -Likes to study up on military tactics.
    -Considers personality higher than looks when choosing a romantic partner or marefriend.
    -Is willing to sacrifice his life if he knew that he had to save a friend or family member.
    -Is very sensitive and actually a little emotionally fragile inside. However, he usually keeps it hidden as he's afraid of showing any signs of weakness.
    -Likes to be a leader but more than willing to step aside for a more capable pony.
    -Does not like parties. Crowds aren't his thing.
    -Was trained by Kestrel himself how to shoot and directly after that, immediately got better.

    And there you go. I will edit this when I figure out more in the future.

    Last edited by Lightning Flash on Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:54 pm; edited 3 times in total
    Blast Cap
    Blast Cap
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    Level 5

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Blast Cap on Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:41 pm

    Did you know Blast...

    -was a soldier in the Equestrian Army

    -during his first battle he lost an eye in a friendly fire incedent after repulsing a Zebra charge.

    -his right eye was replaced by a surgeon who removed it from a fallen comrade and given to him to replace his lost eye.

    -once got to meet Princess Luna herself when his unit was awarded medals for bravery in battle.

    -was used as a test subject in a prolonged stasis program

    -whenever he meets a new pony he stays professional until he can find out if he likes them enough to be friendly

    -refuses to tell anypony his past because he knows they wouldnt believe him.

    -after his expiriences in the war he has lost his blood lust, only killing when absolutely nessecary.

    -is now finally understanding that he is no longer bound by the rules as he was before and is slowly getting used to the wastes.

    -is extremely ackward around any mares in a social setting because he has never had to deal with them in a social way.

    -always wears his units beret wherever he goes
    Level 8
    Level 8

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Xeshir on Sat Oct 13, 2012 3:49 pm

    Did you know Xeshir...

    -Was born in Caesars Legion and was a scout?

    -Was forced to marry a zebra centurion, who constantly hit her after a certain incident?

    -Is bisexual?

    -Can talk the Equestrian, Zebra and even a little bit of Grypohn language?

    -Will explode with rage if she witnesses harm begin done to a filly?

    -Is capable of maintaining balance of her whole body with only one hoove?

    -Met Doctor Whooves and was his companion for a very, very short time due to an incident?

    -Left a little sister behind on Caesars Legion named Zaneth and constantly wonders about her well begin?

    -Dreams of one day owning a centurion battle dress?

    -Can sing pretty well?

    -Can´t play the piano, except for one very complicated piece who her unarmed instructor teached her to improve her agility? (The piece is Tchaikovsky Dumka)

    -Is hunted by the ghosts of her past even though she tries to forget?

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    Ash Health
    Ash Health
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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Ash Health on Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:19 pm

    Sleeps at most 5 hours a night
    Hates the taste of alcohol.
    Is a complete lightweight when drinking.
    Hates His own personality
    Can't stand radiated water
    Has a good understanding of the pony psyche
    Is a scared and sad pony under a façade of happiness
    Can put himself to sleep by playing a single round of Russian roulette.
    Is deathly allergic to Peanuts
    Doesn't know if he has any live relatives
    Can eat his weight in any kind of pastry.

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    Level 5

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Pendant on Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:21 pm

    Did you know Pendant...

    - Was orphaned during infancy?

    - Was adopted by lesbian parents?

    - Grew up in Friendship City?

    - Owns a valuable heirloom (the pendant for which she is named) of unknown origin?

    - Is actually quite impish and sarcastic, and has a tendency to outrage when provoked?

    - Is something of a flirtatious mare, and loves to make crude jokes?

    - Prefers to dress like a stallion, and shuns the idea of wearing a dress?

    - Thinks romantic gestures and intelligence are more attractive then physical strength?

    - Is an aspiring scientist?

    - Has a morbid fascination with the power of the atom and the study of radiation?

    - Isn't afraid to fight?

    - Prefers the "clean" use of lasers as opposed to the "messy" results of kinetic weapons? (Despite that heat-based weaponry leaves hideous, putrid-smelling burns?)

    - Has a fascination with thigh-socks, and carries a pair with her in a secret compartment of her saddlebag?

    - Absoutely ADORES the respective tastes of Sparkle-Cola and coffee?

    - 's favorite color is pale orange?

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    Arc Weld
    Arc Weld
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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Arc Weld on Sat Oct 20, 2012 5:45 pm

    Did you know...
    -Arc's lost his parents to plasma leak when he was 10 years old?
    -Arc used to spend most of the time in the Stable hidden inside the library or engineering sectors, trying to hide away from everyone but the night shift?
    -Arc used to secretly brew peach schnaps when he was in the maintenance corps of the S113?
    -Arc's magical field is crimson red coloured?
    -Arc's favourite colour is emerald green?
    -Arc is unable to learn shooting guns properly because he "Never got the proper feelings for the parabolas"?
    -Arc advocated venting the overheating reactor of S113 to the inside of the stable, saving the outside of it becoming heavily irradiated killing zone, preventing anyone from ever returning into it, and takes killing his home as a grave personal failure?
    -Arc has a thing for pegasi feathers?

    Caps: 948 Arc Weld
    Combat stats summary:
    HP: 265
    DT: 23
    AP: 35
    RM: 7
    Crit Threshold: 96
    Botch Threshold: 5
    Dodge: 15
    S 4 – P 7 – E 5 – C 7 – I 10 – A 5 – L 6

    Ranged: 83
    Close: 58
    Explosives: 59
    Passive Defence: 11
    Arcanic blast: Frost - Hit: 16 - Damage: 26, Frost effect - AP: 12 - Range: 15 meters
    Plasma Rifle – Hit: 32(+5) – Damage: 45(+5) – Crit: ×2 – AP: 12(+1) – Cap: 12
    Firefly RCPW - Hit: 32(+5) - - Damage:(15(+5))×3 - Crit:×2.0 - AP: 8(+1) - Cap: 60
    Knife – Hit: 6 – Damage: 12 – Crit: ×1 – AP: 4

    Arcanic Blast: Frost
    Combat coordinator:
    Buck Rodgers: +5 dam with EW weapons
    Trigger discipline: +5 Hit for +1AP
    Lunar sight: +5 to rolls in low light conditions
    Leader: +1AGI(+2AP) and +2DT to everyone around
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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Blitz on Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:36 am

    Did you know.....

    - Blitz can play the banjo and the fiddle just enough for it to be better than incomprehensible noise.

    - Blitz is easily tempted by things that can be broken.

    - Blitz hates people who think themselves higher than anypony else.

    - That Blitz' parents wanted a filly instead of a colt.

    - The last time Blitz drank, he found himself stuck in a broken feeding trough, wearing an odd sock on each hoof and a broken bottle on his horn.

    - Despite his behavior, Blitz is quite vanilla in the bedroom.

    - Blitz is a bit of a story teller, thanks to his father.

    - If he can, even if he wasn't originally involved, he will get into a melee brawl just because it's happening.

    - No matter what, Blitz will try to rescue a mare in distress.

    - Blitz thinks of himself as a hero.
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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Rad Boom on Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:45 am

    Did you know...

    Rad likes to take the most dangerous ways to get things done.

    Rad genuinely belives one of his Assault Carbines is cursed, and is trying to get him killed, but he is afraid to get rid of it.

    Rad is quite gullible, and will often believe stories he is told.

    Rad is easily mislead, and the right words can often convince him to do just about anything.

    Rad can play the piano.

    Rad still doesn't fully understand his cutie mark.

    Rad is quite easily amused

    Rad still believes his parents sent him out to find his own path in life, not that they were just sick of him breaking things with his antics.

    His favorite colour is light blue.

    Rad hates walking.

    Rad finds Earth ponies both boring and interesting at the same time.

    Contrary to popular belief, Rad likes mares as well as stallions.

    Rad managed to blow up his first gun the first time he used it.

    Rad is allergic to both RadAway and Rad-X, taking them will cause him to feel very dizzy and go temporarily blind.

    Rad can sit like Lyra.

    Rad desperately seeks company, and friendship. Though it may seem obvious to others, he just thinks he has a friendly nature, not that he is in fact very lonely and craving attention.

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    Re: Did you know facts!

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