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    Mansion on Haunted Hill [Closed]

    Galactic Dash
    Galactic Dash
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    Mansion on Haunted Hill [Closed] - Page 16 Empty Re: Mansion on Haunted Hill [Closed]

    Post by Galactic Dash on Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:42 pm

    Dash blinked in surprise at Cuppa's explanation of what the book had written in it. Had Lightning not mentioned what had happened to him upon reading it, he would have thought it was all just hocus-pocus. But with that added weight, the fact had arisen that this was indeed a malevolent artifact that they had just uncovered, "So... Maybe those things that have been attacking us, were summoned using that book?" Dash asked. It seemed like Sooth Sight was back in the spotlight, but Dash didn't jump to conclusions. If Sooth Sight were so powerful and evil, why would he even let them discover his hellish instruction manual? Cuppa brought up a good point when she mentioned Sooth Sight's predecessors. He had made rumors clear that there had been questionable intent behind at least some of them.
    Sub Warden
    Sub Warden
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    Mansion on Haunted Hill [Closed] - Page 16 Empty Re: Mansion on Haunted Hill [Closed]

    Post by Sub Warden on Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:04 pm

    [Library Group]

    As Sooth Listened to what it seemed like this book was all about his mouth became a straight line, "Dear..." he said quietly, as if something was finally dawning on him, that he didn't like, "I had heard about this, but I thought it had all just been legends and rumors. The script this book is written in confirms this. I've actually seen examples of this language throughout my life. The Chosen. The raider band that used to camp out on the side of the hill. They used it often. I now believe that the Chosen were no raiders at all. But rather a demon-worshipping cult."

    He sighed heavily, not liking where his own story was going, "My ancestor, Forlorn. The one who had the mansion renovated to survive the bombs, he was obsessed with keeping out all but those who he trusted. Who, as you could guess were almost naught but his own family. But he had left behind notes that he was guarding something from somepony as well. The war with Zebrica actually seemed like a lesser worry of his at the time. I believe that this book may have been what he was guarding."

    [Basement Group]

    The bat seemed to ruffle itself in a passive-aggressive manner when Rad offered it some Sugar Bombs. It continued to glower at the two ponies like they had done something wrong until there was a sudden noise of a door opening on one of the walls of the storage area. The bat then quickly jumped from the light fixture and flew away.

    "Hello?" A stallion's voice called out into the storage area, "I think I heard somepony in here? Flood Light? Is that you? You know that you were supposed to fix the lights in the courtyard!" A pale green earth pony buck then rounded the corner of one of the boxes. His cutie mark was that of an engine block.
    Ginger Ale
    Ginger Ale
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    Mansion on Haunted Hill [Closed] - Page 16 Empty Re: Mansion on Haunted Hill [Closed]

    Post by Ginger Ale on Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:37 pm

    Ale's eyes widened at sooth's explanation. "Wait, you mean to tell me that those raiders where really a cult. A cult that dabbled in dark magic like this. A cult that your wife was a part of, and has already shown hostility to us." The unicorn began listing aloud. "I'd hate to say this sooth but I think your silver might be behind this. We should go and confront her."

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    Mansion on Haunted Hill [Closed] - Page 16 Empty Re: Mansion on Haunted Hill [Closed]

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