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    A Lunar Rebellion

    Techno Illuminate
    Techno Illuminate
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    A Lunar Rebellion

    Post by Techno Illuminate on Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:15 pm

    Hey guys, those of you that remember me from long ago recall that I was writing a fanfiction for the site that never was finished due to the fact that it's hard as hell to turn a forum into a fanfiction, but that's beside the point. Anyways, I've recently started work on another fanfiction, SOMEWHAT inspired by the first, and I'd like a bit of info as to how it'd fare under some critical thinking by outside sources, so I'm putting the concept up here.

    First off, a quick description of what I have in mind... I've always loved the concept of steam/dieselpunk, which is a genre that I find integrates well with the Equestrian nation in general, while another thing I've tried to do before is using the concepts of the New Lunar Republic and the Solar Empire, so I intend to use a steampunk-inspired system of transport and combat, while still holding very true to the grass roots of the basis of the show itself.

    What I had in mind in terms of the conflict was a sort of behind-the-scenes war that's been going on in the background since Luna's return for power over the throne. The ideology behind this would be that Luna believes that Celestia's being too lenient a ruler, and is letting too much of the power rest on the nobles, with deminishing power falling to the princess herself. Luna believes that a more direct form of government would be a better idea, blocking out the corruption that's been holding the nobles in its grip since money was invented.
    However, Celestia doesn't wish to relinquish the throne to her sister who just spent a millennium on the moon, believing her not experienced enough to take the throne, thus being forced to protect it.

    What I had in mind was a story that was told from the PoV of the Mane 6 in one way or another that mainly follows the NLR on its quest to give the throne to Luna, eventually leading to the uniting of the two factions and a main conflict with a different foe, possibly a cult of Sombra. (Amount of crystals gained would provide wealth enough to combat the two already-powerful factions of Equestria)

    I intend for this to be a rather in-depth story, and I'd like any and all critique you'd be willing to offer. I'll try my best to expand on whatever you'd like to know.

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