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    Arc is flirting

    Black Aura
    Black Aura
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    Level 5

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    Arc is flirting

    Post by Black Aura on Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:45 am

    [08:12:53] @ Arc Weld : Rad, tell me... would you like to go with me as your leader, into the Stable?

    [08:13:05] @ Arc Weld : Darn, that came out wrong.

    [08:13:18] Rad Boom : Orly?

    [08:13:26] * Nova Surge falls over giggling

    [08:13:45] Rad Boom : But yeah, probably, since i've followed you into old holes in the floor full of strange things before lol

    [08:14:18] @ Arc Weld : Okay.

    [08:14:25] Black Aura : lol

    [08:14:30] @ Arc Weld : That's one. How about you, Nova?

    [08:14:59] * Rad Boom scoots over uncomfortably close to Arc "But tell me more about this stable we're going to... Leader..."

    [08:15:37] @ Arc Weld : Also, everyone going with me gets bonus from this: Leader: +1AGI(+2AP) and +2DT to everyone around

    [08:16:02] Rad Boom : Really?

    [08:16:13] * Arc Weld looks at Rad and quietly meeps. "Just... some... tunnel exploration..."

    [08:17:12] * Rad Boom smiles "Exploring tunnels in the Stable huh? Sounds fun."

    [08:17:20] * Black Aura falls over laughing

    [08:17:20] @ Nova Surge : I'd be fine with it.

    [08:19:16] * Arc Weld nervously smiles. "Eheheh... yeah, as long as you don't get lost and separeted from the rest of the group..."

    [08:20:09] Rad Boom : "Oh so there will be others too!!"

    [08:20:37] * Nova Surge rolls around in a laughing fit.

    [08:20:58] * Arc Weld gulps and meeps again. "Well yeah... more the merrier?"

    [08:21:30] * Black Aura looks at Nova trying to keep a straight face but starts laughing widly.

    [08:22:10] Rad Boom : "You want more? Well i'm sure I can find some ponies..."

    [08:22:54] * Arc Weld cringes. "No... I meant... not... sure if I can take care of very large group..."

    [08:23:50] * Rad Boom can't hold it back any more and falls on the floor in a laughing fit

    [08:25:15] * Arc Weld looks nervous, then blushes. "What? Is is... something I said?"

    [08:25:57] * Nova Surge flails around laughing still.

    [08:26:11] * Rad Boom sits up, still giggling "Oh no Arc... Nothing at all..."

    [08:26:33] * Black Aura keeps on the floor laughing

    [08:27:29] Synnefo has been disconnected on Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:27 am (session timeout)

    [08:27:54] * Arc Weld sits, looking confused. "Ok... okay..."

    [08:29:00] * Rad Boom hugs Arc, still giggling "You're too funny sometimes Arc."

    [08:30:35] * Nova Surge hugs Arc and Rad

    [08:30:39] * Arc Weld meeps again from the sudden body contact. "I... am, Rad?" he eeps out.

    [08:30:43] Synnefo has logged off the chat on Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:30 am

    [08:30:43] Synnefo joined the chat on Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:30 am

    [08:30:45] Synnefo joined the chat on Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:30 am

    [08:30:49] * Black Aura gets up gasping for breath before hugging Nova "Guess Arc is going for Rad now."

    [08:31:04] * Synnefo just srews around in his airvent

    [08:31:44] * Rad Boom laughs "Even more so when you don't know just what you're implying."

    [08:31:49] @ Nova Surge : Hey Syn

    [08:32:06] @ Arc Weld : "And what... am I implying?"

    [08:32:13] @ Nova Surge : Yes! I can run MC at full setting without issue!

    [08:32:22] Black Aura : nice Nova

    [08:33:13] Rad Boom : "Oh I dunno... You, leading me into a stable, to explore some dark tunnels... What are you implying Arc?"

    [08:36:04] @ Nova Surge : Heh

    [08:38:53] * Arc Weld raises a brow. "That... I want to search the Stable with you on my side?"

    [08:39:33] * Rad Boom chuckles "Think about what you said carefully"

    [08:42:58] @ Nova Surge : .

    [08:43:29] * Arc Weld looks at Rad. Then the hint of dawning spreads on his face. He instantly turns completely red, including his horn. "Oh," he squeaks.
    Rad Boom
    Rad Boom
    Level 8
    Level 8

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    Re: Arc is flirting

    Post by Rad Boom on Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:04 am

    Oh the things that happen with a few wrongly placed words... Though I know what Arc really wants
    Collateral Damage
    Collateral Damage
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    Level 4

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    Re: Arc is flirting

    Post by Collateral Damage on Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:42 pm

    Rad knows what the ladies stallions like.

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    Re: Arc is flirting

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