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    A Warm Welcome to Stableton [Social][Closed]

    Green Pepper
    Green Pepper
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    A Warm Welcome to Stableton [Social][Closed] - Page 4 Empty Re: A Warm Welcome to Stableton [Social][Closed]

    Post by Green Pepper on Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:48 pm

    Green nodded quickly. Yes, that was his name. Surprising that they understood it that quickly, but seeing as one of them was mute, it wasn't too surprising. He shook his coat as he tried to climb out of the pool, but found his passage blocked by the little zebra, a look of no-nonsense on his face.

    It was so cute he actually laughed, a rusty chuckle reminiscent of a steel sickle being dragged through a rock grinder. He winced slightly, and backed off. He looked at each of them in turn, waiting for...something.
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    A Warm Welcome to Stableton [Social][Closed] - Page 4 Empty Re: A Warm Welcome to Stableton [Social][Closed]

    Post by Zyrene on Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:39 pm

    Zyrene sat close to the pool's edge and looked at Green in the eye. She made a show of puffing out her chest and taking in deep breaths, before pointing at him. She repeated this a few times to make sure he understood that she wanted him to imitate her. She wanted to see how well his breathing was so that he could maybe speak or (try to) laugh without going into a coughing fit.

    Next, she would point to wear his gash was on his chest and try to see how much of it had healed. Depending on how well he accomplished his breathing and how far along his gash had healed, Zyrene would step out of the way so he could leave the pool. Even so, she would stay close to him to see if any more complications rose during the rest of the tour.
    Starry Night
    Starry Night
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    A Warm Welcome to Stableton [Social][Closed] - Page 4 Empty Re: A Warm Welcome to Stableton [Social][Closed]

    Post by Starry Night on Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:56 am

    Starry had been momentarily distracted by a floater in her eye. She had followed it from the center of her vision in a 180 degree circle over her head, almost falling over in the process. She was about to confront it when she remembered that she had a tour to guide.

    "Alrighty!" Starry declared, hoping everypony had wrapped up their affairs, "Gurey Pebwah, is it? Is that a foreign name? No matter. I believe that all of you got a decent introduction to the town, is there any location in particular you might want to visit? I can distribute the caps after we have more in-depth introductions."


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    Ranged: 64.5
    Close: 98
    Explosive: 57.5
    Passive: 50

    Broadsword – Hit: 48 – Damage: 44 – Crit: ×2.5 – AP: 8
    9mm pistol – Hit: 14.5 – Damage: 16 – Crit: ×2 – AP: 5 – Cap: 13
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    Unarmed – Hit: 11.5 – Damage: 4 – Crit: ×2 – AP: 6


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    Horn's Akimbo: Dual-wielding penalty is reduced by 10

    Leader: Party members within moving distance get +1 agility(up to racial max) and +2 DT.
    Sub Warden
    Sub Warden
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    A Warm Welcome to Stableton [Social][Closed] - Page 4 Empty Re: A Warm Welcome to Stableton [Social][Closed]

    Post by Sub Warden on Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:14 am

    Linking this thread to the new site. Please post all new replies there.

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    A Warm Welcome to Stableton [Social][Closed] - Page 4 Empty Re: A Warm Welcome to Stableton [Social][Closed]

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