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    Did you know facts!

    Deus Crux
    Deus Crux
    Level 5
    Level 5

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Deus Crux on Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:00 am

    Did you know Deus Crux...

    -Tore out her own eye, at the behest of her cult.

    -Was originally a human I designed with no real purpose before I even knew about FO:E.

    -Puts no value on the life of anypony, including herself.

    -Desperately wants to be the center of attention.

    -Has a magic field the exact same color as her cutie mark.

    -Always looks like she's starving, and can eat large amounts of food at once.

    -Is much quicker to warm up to mares than stallions, due to the mostly female population of her cult.

    -Wishes she had wings, but would rather die than lose her magic.

    -Started collecting horns when she took her father's, on the day he died.

    -Will go way overboard when seeking revenge.

    -Has mild bipolar disorder, and acts completely different when in a good mood.

    -Doesn't know what she's like, or how others see her.

    -Tends to stare for no reason.

    -Comes from the ancient Crux family, which was well-known before the war.

    -Is not a good pony.

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    Nova Surge
    Nova Surge
    Level 7
    Level 7

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Nova Surge on Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:05 am

    Did you know?

    Nova has a photographic memory.
    Nova is a surprisingly shy mare at times.
    Nova, despite having the brand, is only technically a dashite.
    Nova was trained from an early age in the Enclave.
    Nova is very quick to blush.
    Nova has... trouble, when trying to lead.
    Nova will give anything a shot at least once.
    Nova remembers little of her life before the wastes.
    Nova was raised by zebras.
    Nova has trouble making decisions.
    Nova strongly dislikes endings.
    Nova's stripes are a reflection of her 'inner self' used as a sort of war paint.
    Nova keeps good control on her temper and is not easy to anger.
    Nova goes into a cold, merciless state when she is angry.
    Nova has a crippling weak point.
    Nova's barn door swings both ways.
    Nova's endured a lot in her time in the wastes, most of which she doesn't like to bring up.
    Nova's favourite drink is whiskey.
    Nova knows a fair bit about clouds.
    Nova is terrified of Spa Treatments.
    Nova tries not to want things.
    Nova had an older sister called Tempest.

    More to come.

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    Nova Surge:

    Health: 214
    DT: 4 (Natural), 10 (With Armour)
    AP: 47
    RM: 5
    Base crit chnace: 4
    Crit Threshold: 97
    Botch threshold: 7
    S:6 - P:5 - E:4 - C:5 - I:6 - A:12 - L:4

    Ranged: 87
    Close: 55
    Explosives: 54
    Passive: 45
    Dodge: 36

    Hunting Rifle: Hit Bonus: 41 - Damage: 52 - AP Cost: 16 - Crit Multiplier: 2.5 - Cpacity: 5
    .45 Auto SMG (With Folding Stock): Hit Bonus: 46 - Damage: 26(x3) - AP Cost: 13 - Crit Multiplier: 1.5 - Capacity: 30
    Rapier: Hit Bonus: - Damage: 38 - AP Cost: 6 - Crit Multipler: 1.5
    Unarmed: Hit Bonus: 8 - Damage: 8 - AP Cost: 4

    ==Attrributes, Traits and Perks==
    Can learn Equestrian martial arts.
    On a Wing and a Prayer
    Leaf on the Wind
    Flyin’ Circles Round Ya
    Trigger Discipline
    Crash Land
    Cherchez La Filly
    Strafing Run
    Like a Bullet
    Extra Special (Agility) x2
    Level 2
    Level 2

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    Age : 25

    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Harmor on Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:45 pm

    Did you know that...

    -Harmor nearly always has a song stuck in his head?

    -That the tempo and key of that song depends on his mood?

    -Is severely scared of any creature with more than four legs?

    -Harmor's favorite color is a dark blue-purple? Similar to his magical aura?

    -Has had only one friend in his life?

    -Often hums himself to sleep?

    -Doesn't like to get wet or dirty?

    -Deeply wants a decent relationship with somepony?

    -Is a light eater?

    -Really wants a PipBuck just for the radio?
    Level 4
    Level 4

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    Location : Chicago

    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Mixtape on Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:15 am

    Did you know...

    -Mixtape's parents were murdered by raiders at age 16.
    -Mixtape's father's last words to Mix were "The candle burns brighter when you believe."
    -Mixtape was originally from New Appleoosa.
    -Mixtape plays the trumpet
    -Mixtape avenged his parents.
    -Mixtape is an experienced Dj
    -Mixtape was part of two caravans during his late teen years
    -Mixtape nicknamed his pistol after his childhood crush, Golden Sands
    -Mixtape hides his sorrow with happiness
    -Mixtape hates traveling at night
    -Mixtape lived in New Appleoosa, Stableton, Friendship City, and New Pegasus
    -Mixtape's dream is to have a pre-war motorcycle
    -Mixtape enjoys campfires alone or with friends
    -Mixtape enjoys red wine which he frequently calls Vino Rosso
    -Mixtape can be kinky at times
    -Mixtape is the most energetic pony you will ever meet
    -Mixtape dances when nopony is around
    -Mixtape has an urban (Chicago) accent
    -Mixtape enjoys the company of a mare
    -Mixtape is not prejudice against zebras

    More may be added...
    Level 6
    Level 6

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    Age : 25
    Location : Rampaging through the void between worlds

    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Crackle on Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:51 pm

    Did you know that Crackle:
    -has a long-lost love that he hopes to reunite with someday
    -The hope of finding said love is just about the only reason he is still going and hasn't given up yet
    -keeps that hope hidden, buried deep inside
    -acts very professional and can be distant emotionally, although he is very loyal to his employer/commander
    -always pays his debts
    -can be very emotional when drunk, but keeps things under wraps/bottled up otherwise.
    -has a weakness for mares in distress
    -is generally rather hard-hearted but has a soft spot for foals
    -has a habit of doing unnecessarily violent things to raiders in retribution for past events
    -prides himself on his honesty, loyalty, and level-headedness
    -has a well-developed (though hidden) fatalistic streak

    -uses an assumed name, having set aside his real name in homage to the dead
    -will likely take his true name with him to the grave.
    -is actually rather soft and fluffy, although he doesn't look like it. He rarely (if ever) lets anyone get close enough to find out.

    Last edited by Crackle on Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:03 pm; edited 4 times in total


    HP: 234
    DT: 15 (natural 7 + 8 from merc outfit)
    AP: 32
    RM: 3
    Crit Threshold: 95
    Botch Threshold: 5
    Dodge: 15
    S:8 P:9 E:6 C:3 I:6 A:5 L:6
    Ranged: 90 Close: 57 Explosive: 73 Passive: 45
    Plasma Pistol - Hit: 35 - Damage: 33 - Crit: x2.5 - AP: 9 - Cap: 16
    Knife – Hit: 16 – Damage: 14 – Crit: ×2 – AP: 4
    Unarmed – Hit: 11 – Damage: 14 – Crit: ×2 – AP: 6
    Grenade Rifle - Hit: 28 - Damage: 100 - Crit: x2 - AP: 16 - Cap: 1
    Perks/Traits that apply to combat
    You can run...
    Loose Cannon
    Trigger Discipline
    How do like THEM apples?

    +5 to gun/melee rolls from merc outfit
    799 caps
    3 weak healing potions
    Mr. Samedi
    Mr. Samedi
    Level 2
    Level 2

    Posts : 27
    Join date : 2012-11-21

    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Mr. Samedi on Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:22 pm

    Mr. Samedi:

    -Was born in the swamps of New Horseleans.

    -Comes from a family of Zebras who immigrated to Equestria two-hundred years prior to the war.

    -His family moved to Hoofington when he was five.

    -Was raised in Hoofington, and remained there most of his life, taking occasional trips to visit family back in New Horseleans and to acquire ingredients for his potions.

    -Sold potions out of a funeral parlor before the war.

    -Mostly did business with criminals and sold things on the black market.

    -Took to traveling during the war to avoid prejudice and relocation.

    -Was in Ponyville when the bombs fell.

    -Continued to travel after the war, finding company with other ghouls in the wastelands.

    -Experimented with the mutated plantlife to perfect a number of potions.

    -Is indifferent to being a ghoul and doesn't miss sleeping or eating very much.

    -His walking, stick, his main weapon, is carved from the wood of a coffin.

    -Is so talented at making potions that there are rumors he is helped by spirits, or 'friends on the other side'.

    -frequently uses these rumors to his advantage.

    -Studies the occult in his spare time.

    -Enjoys rum and an occasional cigar.

    -Has trouble with some modern technologies and has a slight dislike of them.

    -Prefers to fight with his walking stick as opposed to a gun.

    (More may be added later.)
    Winter Bell
    Winter Bell
    Level 8
    Level 8

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    Age : 26
    Location : Equestrian Wasteland

    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Winter Bell on Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:35 am

    Winter Bell wrote:Did you know that Winter Bell...

    - Adores white wine, but stays away from it due to it making her loopy.

    - Will always do her best to make sure everyone is safe, even at the cost of her own life.

    - Believes there is still hope for the wasteland and that it takes one pony to extend a hoof of kindness before the world can start to heal.

    - Has a full Medical Theater in her home in Friendship City.

    - Has an older sister.

    - Has very sensitive ears that will paralyze her and relax her completely if nibbled or stroked.

    - Is terrified of slavers and will do whatever she can to avoid them.

    - Knows just about all there is to know about Medicine.

    - Thinks romantic gestures are more attractive then a show of physical strength.

    - Likes flowers and pretty things.

    - Owns allot of dresses and knows a fair bit about fashion, although she normally hides that side of herself in fear of being judged as, 'snooty'.

    - Loves the color blue.

    - Has a morning work out routine to keep her in shape.

    - Can sing very well.

    - Can not fight very well at all, or shoot a gun very well.

    - Isn't a very good swimmer.

    - Doesn't like bad manners or rude behavior.

    I'll end it here for now.

    Some more facts:

    - Was originally designed to be a Pegasus called Winter Breeze.

    - Mane and tail are naturally always cold due to a phenomenon she can't explain medically or magically.

    - Has survived Fillydelphia twice.

    - Was once chief of medicine at Stableton Hospital.

    - Has lived in Tenpony Tower.

    - Enjoys classical music and is a fan of Octavia's pre apocalypse work.

    - Dislikes swear words.

    - Has been dead once.

    - Has a wild side that few ever see and ever will.


    HP: 235
    DT: 25
    AP: 34
    RM: 9Male/5Female
    Crit Threshold: 96+
    Botch Threshold: 6-
    Dodge: +18
    S 5 – P 5 – E 5 – C 7 – I 9 – A 6 – L 5

    Ranged: 58
    Close: 56
    Explosive: 56
    Passive: 46

    Single Shotgun(20G) – Hit: +12 – Damage: 50 – Crit:x1 – AP: 15 – Cap: 1
    .45 Automatic Pistol(.45) - Hit: +12 - Damage: 29 - Crit:x2 - AP: 8 - Cap: 7

    Like a Bullet: +3 to Readiness rolls.
    Field Medic: Half AP cost for applying bandages.
    Combat Medic: +5 to your Defense when healing a fallen comrade during combat.

    Caps: 5228
    Collateral Damage
    Collateral Damage
    Level 4
    Level 4

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Collateral Damage on Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:32 pm

    -Has a scar on his left cheek, a product of discipline.

    -Lost his mother during foalbirth.

    -Has horrible recurring nightmares about those he has killed.

    -Started his practice with rifles when he was 10.

    -Is younger than his sister by 4 minutes.

    -Kept a scarf with his sister's name embroidered in small letters on the inside.

    -Is extremely well educated.

    -Shoots with his left side for CQB.

    -Was a foal soldier at the age of 10, and had a mentor named Tanya, who he saw as the mother he never had.

    -Lived on the outskirts of Stalliongrad, in a small area called Ponyzovje.

    -Has tried to change his name.

    -Has a terribly mangled eye under that mane.

    -Keeps a regular stretching/exercise routine for when he wakes up early in the morning.

    -Hates to be called by his full name.

    -Is suprisingly soft on the inside.

    -His ideal mare would have to be persistent, resourceful, cool, down-to-earth and be able get him to show the emotion he keeps locked away. (That is crucial.)

    -Favorite color is dark red.

    There will be more in the future.

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    Black Aura
    Black Aura
    Level 5
    Level 5

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Black Aura on Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:14 pm

    Did you know?

    -Aura has a tragic past with her family.

    -Is a mother.

    -She prefers the company of mares.

    -Hates all males with a passion.

    -Is a slaver.

    -Has a sister

    -Has two kids that stay with her sister sometimes.

    -Loves her kids dearly.

    -Wants to one day retire in nice little house with a view. Living with a great looking mare.

    -Flirts like crazy but tries not to sleep with everyone

    -Has two sides to treat males.

    -Has a pet baby radgator named Mr. Snuggles

    -Can speak the grunt of low griff.

    -Has no prejudice against race at all.

    -Doesn't drink, last time she did was on a job and ended up with her kids. Who she loves.

    -Only hates males above the age of ten.

    -Her son is the only male she will ever love in her life.
    Thunder Run
    Thunder Run
    Level 1
    Level 1

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Thunder Run on Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:04 pm

    Did you know!

    Thunder refuses to see others as more than comrades due to what happened to her friends.

    Thunder doesn't like being called anything other than Thunder, or Thunder Run.

    Thunder is obsessed with the maintenance of her weapons, and can often be seen cleaning and maintaining them whenever she has a chance.

    Thunder loves explosives, but not fire.

    Thunder feels slightly intimidated around Griffons and Diamond Dogs, but hides it well.

    Thunder doesn't much like hugs, or other physical contact, unless the situation calls for it.

    Thunder won't express her dislike of being given names or touching unless it gets too much.

    Thunder likes the colour blue.

    Though her Appleoosan accent has faded quite a bit, it tends to come back strongly when Thunder gets angry.

    Thunder doesn't want to go near New Appleoosa unless she has to.

    Thunder wears her aviators near constantly, even when it seems impractical to do so.

    Thunder hopes to one day redeem herself for freezing up while her comrades and friends died around her.

    Thunder blames herself for what happened to her old mercenary crew.

    Thunder is very gullible, and easily tricked into things.

    Thunder hates being tricked into things.

    Thunder holds an irrational fear that anypony she gets to know as more than a comrade will die.

    Thunder has a terrible sense of direction, and often gets lost.

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    Level 2
    Level 2

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Spirit on Fri Feb 22, 2013 8:23 pm

    Did You Know Spirit...?

    -Wishes he was a Pegasus

    -Gets nervous when being seduced

    -Only wears his mask during, and a few days after, an assassination.

    -Likes to portray himself of having a gentile nature.

    -Is on the verge of becoming a vegetarian

    -Drinks but will not let himself get drunk

    -Can play the violin

    -loves eating cheese

    -Is hard to anger

    -Used to draw a cutie mark on himself as a child

    -is in love with his Mohawk

    -Has an inner struggle with his decision to be an assassin.

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    Re: Did you know facts!

    Post by Sponsored content

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